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How to find a great electric knife sharpener

Hello, this soup.io page is about the best electric knife sharpener you can buy. If you have knives that can't cut a tomato's skin easily or cut bread without making them into bread sticks, you should consider sharpening your knives.

There are lots of options when you're considering knife sharpening. You can send them to some manufacturer's to get a factor sharp blade. Benchmade, Cutco, Spyderco, and a few other high end manufacturer's do this at no or a really low cost. If your knives do not qualify for that program, you can also send them in to a professional knife sharpener in your area to be sharpened as well. The issue with that is that it is usually expensive and sharpening a whole kitchen's worth of knives will cost you more than other, cheaper alternatives.

An electric knife sharpener usually costs anywhere from $50 to $150 and the best knife sharpener you can get is actually a lot cheaper than what you're expecting. In fact, the Presto 8810 costs $50 and performs as well as top end, three digit models.

Other ways to sharpen knives include pull through knife sharpeners, knife sharpening systems, machine sharpening, using ceramic or stones, as well as a brick and leather belt.

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